Julia Weis

Thaï Yoga Massage - Healing arts - AcroYoga

Julia is a Yoga teacher, AcroYoga Mentor and bodywork therapist. In trainings, workshops and classes all over the world she holds space for change to sink in.
The analytical and precise german mind combined with the passion for latin dance and good music creates an inviting and joyful atmosphere to welcome change. 

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instagram : @swadharma.thai.yoga

Pascal Weis

AcroYoga - Handstand

Pascal is a sports scientist, yoga teacher and AcroYoga Mentor, leading trainings, workshops and privates to share his passion for movement.
Mix an athlete and a Yogi and you are sure to join a fun and challenging class. 

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instagram : @pascal.weis

Sébastien AY

AcroYoga Montreal Teacher

Sebastien is a certified AcroYoga Montreal Teacher. He started to practice in Europe and then has left his city of Strasbourg for the United States few years ago. His time over there was an incredible experience and a chance for him to develop his practice. Today, he’s back in Europe to share everything he learned during this time and to keep meeting a lot of people to play with!

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instagram : @sebastienay

Compagnie En Corps En l’air

Circus artists

Mélo et Guillaume are two circus artists who have worked together for more than 4 years. Since they met, they are living fully the circus life, working hard, training as much as they can, teaching and performing at the same time...

They like to learn new techniques but what they like the most, it's when the technique comes with emotions ! So they found their own way of doing circus, to have fun and to share the fun with everybody, mixing theater and a selection of funny tricks, dynamic and static hand to hand tricks, icarian games and all kind of techniques that can be put into a story with poetry and humor.

In 2017, they created the Company En corps En l'air, and the show "Sous l'chantier, la plage" which is touring well in France. They are traveling quite a lot, to share and to be upside down, again and again...

facebook : En Corps En l'air
website : encorpsenlair.com
spectacle : teaser


Organiser - AcroYoga - Yoga - Thaï Massage

Marine is in love with Acroyoga. Even more so since she started giving weekly classes in her home base of Strasbourg some months ago where she could witness with her own eyes the astonishing birth of the community she’s always dreamed of. She likes to serve everyone something interesting to taste so that after a class or a workshop, you can bring home a little thing that has enriched you in some way. While teaching, she enjoys using humor as a weapon against negative self-judgment and encouraging people to share their joy and feel strong and safe trough team support.

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instagram : @aimeyoga

Christian Gieger

AcroYoga International Teacher

Christian is a passionate AcroYogi, since he got in contact with the AcroYoga practice in 2014. Based in south-West Germany he is teaching Workshops, weekly classes and gives Thai-Treatments. He loves to share his knowledge in his unique way, at the same time supergermanserious and still funny. As a community-builder it's important to him that everyone in the group is safe and happy.

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instagral : @acrochris

Joanie Grenier

AcroYoga Teacher

Passionate about movement, fascinated by how works the human machine and its prowess, Joanie undertook in 2010 coach training at the National Circus School of Montreal. It was in 2013 that she discovered acroyoga. Beyond the postures performed, practicing this discipline allowed her to approach the movement in a new light. Through it, she found a powerful tool of connection to oneself and to the other. She got certified in Germany in 2016 with Acroyoga International. She created a duo with her training partner Zoé (LadieZ Machine) with whom she teaches in several events in America and Europe. Whether through yoga or acroyoga, she guides practitioners in exploring their possibilities with gentleness, benevolence and a touch of madness.

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instagram : @acromyogi

Marc Bauchet

AcroYoga International Teacher - Tula Yoga - Thaï Massage

After years of martial arts practice Marc started over fifteen years ago to study various styles of yoga, successively focusing on Bikram, Iyengar, and Ashtanga. In the continuity of his love for connected movement he dived in Contact Improvisation and Argentine tango, which are now weaved into his teaching. AcroYoga allows him to connect his healing modalities (Thai massage, Tulayoga, Rolfing) and the fiery fun of partner acrobatics. After a decade of traveling worldwide, learning and and sharing the joy and benefits of these ancestral and evolving traditions, he now settled in Auroville, India, giving treatments and teaching with the same joy and passion.

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instagram : @acromarcopolo


AcroYoga Teacher

Voyageuse dans l’âme mais aussi dans les gênes, elle a sillonné les océans et les continents à la recherche de sa –ses- passions. Elle a découvert l’Acroyoga, qui a été une source d’inspiration et de changements radicaux dans sa vie. Elle s’est certifiée en Yoga puis en Acroyoga. A travers sa pratique, elle a découvert les portés acrobatiques et en parallèle s’est lancée sur le chemin du Thaï yoga Massage, le Wùo Taï qui à nouveau, fut un point clé quant à ses choix de vie et une opportunité pour elle de suivre une nouvelle rivière. Sa pratique évolue toujours au gré des rencontres et des stages. Elle enseigne ces disciplines guidée par la passion du corps humain et de ses capacités.

Zoe is a traveling soul, and travels are in her genes. She has sailed through oceans and crossed countries, searching for her passion-s. She discovered acroyoga, which was an inspiration and a great source of change in her life. She certified in yoga, then acroyoga. Through her practice and her training, she also discovered standing partner acrobatics and in parallel, began her path into the therapeutic world with Thai yoga massage, and then Wùo Taï. Wùo Taï is also a key point in her life and has offered her a new river to dive in.  She is now teaching all those disciplines from a place of deep love, guided by the passion of the human body and it's infinite capacities. 

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instagram : @acrobasezo

Johannes Vogt

Kirtan - Thaï Yoga Massage

Johannes is a Yoga Teacher, Musician and Thai Massage Practitioner. He is based in Germany, in the Black Forrest.

Johannes leads regular Kirtan to create sacred spaces throughout yoga classes, retreats and workshops.

He loves to bring the Bhakti Aspect of Devotion and loving kindness together with music and Dharma Teachings of the Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta Traditions in an undogmatic way.

He believes in the power of weaving different approaches of Yoga, Music and Bodywork together, to create a space for Healing and Joy. Johannes has travelled extensively all over the world and spent time studying with Teachers of different Traditions.

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instagram : @johannesvogt

Leila & Stephane

Acro Rock'N'Roll

The duo has been dancing acro rock'n'roll together for 4 years and is always looking for new sources of inspiration: acroyoga, circus, swing, etc. When not dancing, they're climbing or slacklining, always searching for a nice equilibrium. With their dance background, they know the importance of the tempo. They like to share tips on dynamic lifts, standing acro and partner synchronization.

Amande & Ivan


Small drops make big rivers! The discovery of acroyoga on Reunion Island opened the doors of a bewitching kingdom to them! Lovers ... of the body (both physiotherapists), movement, sharing, life, nature, they will make you discover their universe mixing the grace of dance and the joy of derision!
Inspired by different approaches, including a teacher training with VanCityAcro, they teach acroyoga for 4 years in Besançon.


Yoga - Pranayama - Meditation

Yoga has the vertue to make our life more alive. Jennifer give her time to it trough movement and also being static, sitting or lying. For her there is not one style of yoga to be in but many expression of oneself that evolve with time and seasons. The most commun comment on her classes is the variety of exploration she can bring you into. We know the main ingredient : Yoga, and this is already really nice ! 

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